The Mission of Her Self Care is to educate and inspire women about self care.

Our ultimate Vision is world in which women (and all people) have incorporated self care as a lifestyle.

The Goals of Her Self Care are: 

  • To provide high-quality information about self-care that is rooted in psychology, health sciences, and personal experience.
  • To link our work to resources and products reflective of our values in support of self care.

Her Self Care is guided by several Core Values:

  • Her Self Care values the empowerment of women to live their best lives. 
  • We value psychological studies, personal insight, and collaborative dialogue to inform our understanding of self care.
  • We support women-led businesses, projects, family and artistic endeavors. 
  • Our work highlights the sustainability of healthy lifestyles and our diverse environments. 
  • We also care about functionality, quality and beauty in the things we acquire, no matter how cheap or costly the item.

I am a clinical psychologist and write about self care from a bio-psycho-social perspective. The topic of self care is personal: I have lived with chronic illness for much of my life and am a “recovering” over-achiever. Self care is an ongoing exploration. When you live from your best self, no matter your challenges, your actions ripple out to positively affect others. I want to help you find your optimal self care approaches because the world needs your best you. — Amra Stafford, Psy.D.

Amra Stafford, Her Self Care